Updated carpet cleaning coupons for the Lake Norman area

The new carpet cleaning coupons have been posted on our website at . This is a great time of the year to get excellant deals as many of the carpet cleaners are lowering their prices. Call now at 704-663-2787 to take advantage of thes great deals before the holiday season begins.

As Fall arives I want to thank all of our loyal customers who had carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, upholstered furniture cleaning, ducts and dryer vents cleaning, tile cleaning, pet accident cleaning, pet odor treatment, and water damage services performed by us this past summer. We will continue to reward your loyal support with great deals during the fall and winter months! Call Sheila in October 2011 to make your arrangements before the holiday season arrives so that we can reserve your appointment early.

Carpet types and cleaning

Understanding the type of carpet that you are cleaning is critical for carpet cleaner technicians. Each of the main fibers that are used in the manufacturing of carpet have their own characteristics, which determines how the carpet should be cleaned. The following fibers are the most common fibers found in carpets:

1) Nylon – the most durable of fibers and is best suited for higher traffic areas in residential environments (I’ll keep this blog limited to residential as opposed to commercial carpets). It’s the easiest fiber to clean because it does not attact soily oils. However, many of the nylon carpets are not solutioned dyed, which makes it the easiest carpet to stain. It’s critical for nylon to have protection to keep it from surviving it’s desired life expectancy.

2) Olefin (also referred to as polypropelyne) – does not have the strength and durability of nylon. It will abraid and “brown out” or “ugly out” the quickest of all fibers. It attracts oily soils very easily, but it is a very easy carpet to professionally clean, because the fiber is naturally stain resistant (solution dyed colors). This allows the carpet cleaner to become more agressive with the chemicals that he/she is using.

3) Polyester – is naturally stain resistant as well (remember the polyester clothes worn back in the disco days – you could spill a drink on yourself and it would just roll off). It doesn’t have the wear characteristics as nylon, but the industry has made progress over the years to make it a viable, less expensive option to the residential consumer. It’s very good for areas where the consumer is concerned about spills and stains. Because it is only semiresistant to bleaches and some high PH chemicals, the carpet cleaner cannot be as agressive in cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning frequency

The question often arises, “how often should I clean my carpets and area rugs”?

Many factors come into play on this one, such as “what type of fiber do you have?”, “how much traffic do you get on your carpet?”, “do you have pets?”, “how often do you vaccum?”, etc. The answer lies in the questions above. However, most manufacturer’s required you to clean you carpets every 12-18 months by professional carpet cleaners in order to maintain your warranty. Similar to a vehicle or any other high cost product that you buy, it’s important to maintain your investment in order to get the maximum amount of life out of it. The days of having to change the oil in your car every 3000 miles are over with. Computer chips tell us how often to change the oil in our vehicles. Unfortunately, there is no such technology in our carpets to tell us when to clean them. Even though the manufacturer’s require you to professionally clean your carpets every 12-18 months, that may not be good enough based upon the factors listed above. If you look at the appearance of your carpet and it appears to need cleaning, don’t wait. Be proactive with your cleaning, and call a professional carpet cleaner. Be careful about using rental equipment or store puchased cleaning machines. They may save you money in the short run, however, they are generally not an effective way to clean your carpets and may cause more damage and costs in repairs and replacement in the long run. Carpets and some area rugs are made out of durable synthetic fibers, however, when they are abraided or cut, they lose there luster. Once that has happened, there is nothing that the carpet cleaning company can do to revive it.

Call PCS of Lake Norman at (704) 663-2787 or Lake Norman Floors at (704) 528-5109 if you have any questions.

Water Damage

If you have experienced a loss from water damage, go to our “Consumer Tab” at the top of our website and click on “What to do if Your Home or Office Gets Flooded”, and review the five things to do NOW. Call Sheila at (704) 663-2787 and she will step you through the process. Review the “Safety” precautions. Do not put yourself or your family in harms way.

Their are two parts to a water loss situation. The “Mitigation” phase is the process of stopping the source and drying out your structure. Their may be demolition work to be performed. The main goal here is to stop the potential of mold taking over. The “Reconstruction” phase is the process of bringing your home or office back to original condition.

It is NOT necessary to have your insurance company send THEIR restoration company to your house. Many insurance companies have alliances with restoration companies to perform their mitigation services. The problem is that they are only going to perform the minimum amount of work to get the job done. That’s how they get on their list of preferred providers. Their goal is to keep the cost down to minimize the Insurance company’s out of pocket expense. This is dangerous if the company does not perform an adequate job which may lead to future problems.

If you don’t call us, make sure that you call a reputable company that is certified and insured to perform this type of work. If performed incorrectly, the insurance company will not pay you, the Insured, for future problems that may arise.

Also, you do NOT have to use the Insurance Company’s recommended Restoration company for reconstruction. Many restoration projects end up going on for a much longer period of time than they should, because the restoration company becomes over inundated with too many jobs. Talk with Sheila about our restoration process. We are committed to getting the restoration process completed in the most expeditious time frame so that you can get your house or office back in order.

Hello Lake Norman

Welcome to the PCS Lake Norman Blog (Professional Carpet Systems of Lake Norman). We have been in the carpet cleaning business in the Lake Norman area for the past 6 years servicing Huntersville NC, Cornelius NC, Davidson NC, Mooresville NC, Troutman NC, Statesville NC, Denver NC, Terrell NC, Sherrills Ford NC, and Mount Holly NC, as well as North Charlotte NC. We are a carpet cleaning company that specializes in Pet Accident and Pet Odor removal techniques. We also perform area rug cleaning, upholstered furniture cleaning, tile cleaning, duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning, in both commercial and residential places. We also have a 24 hour hotline for water damage services. PCS Lake Norman is also part of an organization that owns Lake Norman Floors as well. Please visit their website at www.lakenormanfloors.net for all of your flooring needs in the Lake Norman area.

Look at our coupons on the client services tab for special promotions and really good savings. Then call Sheila at (704) 663-2787 to schedule an appointment with one of our IICRC certified carpet cleaning technicians.

We look forward to developing a long term relationship with you, our customer, giving you the most professional carpet cleaners service in the Lake Norman area.

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